Electromagnetic Pulse Technology Promises Fun, Human-Safe Bombing

Have you ever seen a movie where a nuclear bomb is dropped and just before everything gets blowed up to hell all electronics cease functioning? Well, this is based on a real deal with nukes where they emit a massive EMP, or ElectroMagnetic Pulse, that shuts down anything electronic faster than a Dick Cheney at a hot dog eating contest. Now, an October 28, 2007 piece at TheRegister.Co.UK is reporting that EMP Bombs are right around the corner–well, if you consider 2012 “around the corner,” that is.

See, the really cool thing about EMPs is that they don’t harm people. Despite the fact that the tiny little cells that make up our body, no one’s saying anything about EMPs hurting humans. This is a plus–especially for an enemy of America. This is because of three reasons:

1) Our culture relies on a LOT of electronics to function. They don’t call them “Crackberries” for nothing and the bank that controls all American cash is on the Internet.

2) If any enemy actually nuked us, which ever Americans survived would kill the crap out of the guilty nukers.

3) Tech to build an EMP bomb, according to the Register article is actually pretty easy to make–much easier than making a nuke. Check out a cutting from that article which quotes “Australian aerospace zealot,” Dr. Carlo Kopp, as saying “The relative simplicity of the [e-bomb bits] suggests that any nation with even a 1940s technology base, once in possession of engineering drawings and specifications for such weapons, could manufacture them.”

Kopp goes onto explain how fairly common equipment and explosives would be perfect for small, Third World countries or terrorist groups to take advantage of. Yowza. It makes you wonder just how easy it would be to build one of these yourself!



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