iPhone eXtreme in January of 2008?

Yes, that is the rumor–there will be an iPhone eXtreme in January of 2008. HOWEVER, this is ANYthing but confirmed. I simply stumbled across a guy who name drops like mad in his Twitter posts and in one of said posts, he drops:


PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that this rumor goes almost COMPLETELY unsourced beyond this one dude on Twitter. The thing is, something like an iPhone eXtreme and NOT something like an iPhone Nano, makes sense.

So, you’ve seen the current iPhone and, if you’re honest, you know that the iPhone has, in a practical sense, the same function-set as the Sidekick 3. That may sound sacrilegious, but realistically, the one thing the iPhone does that the SK3 can’t is connect via wifi, play videos and store in excess of 4GB of data (depending on which iPhone you get). OK, so that’s more than one thing, but you get the point. Generally speaking, the iPhone is just a really slick Sidekick 3 (which is really a pretty sad thing to say, considering the SK3’s reputation as the Fisher-Price not-so-smart phone).

Both mobiles let you surf, make phone calls, send emails, take still pictures, etc. Doesn’t that seem weird to you? Like, maybe, the iPhone should do more than just provide a few “neat” bells and whistles above and beyond a virtually identical function-set? Well, since the iPhone is an Apple product, it’s no surprise that rumors are about a new iPhone are pretty common–but how many are about a better iPhone?

So far, everyone seems to predicting a step down, not a step up. What if Steve Jobs had put out the iPhone Nano first and has another phone on the way that actually is deserving of the nickname “the Jesus Phone”?

January seems so very far away!


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