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NBC’s Hulu, Just a Stopgap Without Knowing It

hulu.jpgSo, the Internetz are all abuzz today about NBC/Universal’s new Hulu video site going beta yesterday. Most people lucky (or connected) enough to get invites are saying it’s not nearly as bad as they’d expect a service from a major media corporation to be. Some are actually saying Hulu will seriously threaten sales at Apple’s iTunes Store. Meanwhile, the smart people realize that this is no iTunes killer, nor is it a YouTube killer.

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Cats and Coffee: How OSX Leopard Doesn’t Like Java

applenojavalogo.jpgReinforcing the classic pessimistic argument against upgrading, “if it isn’t broken don’t fix it,” early adopters of Apple’s OSX “Leopard” are discovering that the operating system won’t run Java. Java, in case you weren’t aware, is a kind of programming language. The reason people like it so much is because it is cross-platform. That is, it’s supposed to be cross-platform.

Now, it turns out that a lot of people actually use Java on Macs. I, myself, use it to manage music on a Sony thumb drive Walkman I picked up on sale. However, programmers who work in Java are now thoroughly screwed until Apple can put out a fix and since Apple isn’t used to putting out fixes as often as good old Microsoft is, who knows when a patch will become available?

As a article points out, “Apple marketing monkeys, trying to woo developers to OS X, like to refer to the OS as “the only major consumer operating system that comes complete with a fully configured and ready-to-use Java runtime and development environment.”


Kind of tough when one of the very things you put in bold face on the brochure you end up being unable to deliver.


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Audio Gadgets Never As Good As Analog Audio???

ipodvinyl.jpgNot to get too personal or anything, but I remember thinking that my very first mp3 player, my Diamond Rio, represented the future of audio technology. My belief was that while the tech in the Rio wasn’t not the end-all and be-all, mp3 audio technology would improve and become fairly close to perfect. Less than ten years later, we all listen to lossless digital audio, right? Well, Eliot Van Buskirk, over at, says that digital audio will never and can never sound as good as old fashioned analog.

The deuce, you say, Eliot!

The point of his piece on Wired, which posted just hours ago, is that vinyl is slowly hammering the nails into the coffin of the compact disc. One of the reasons he says is the very thing we were told CDs were good for: sound quality. Eliot says:

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