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Bad Gadget Not Sitting Well With You? Fight Back!

Staring at a faulty, broken or dead gadget in your home? Was that gadget found by you in that state upon opening its packaging for the first time? Sure, it happens to all of us gadget-hounds, but what can you do? A few years ago it took me six months to convince Apple to replace an iBook that had died on me three times. Finally, I got a refund (and then a PowerBook) but the steps were meandering and, at the time, impossible to predict.

Well, have no fear–Cory Doctorow, over at BoingBoing.Net points readers to a huge post at all about how you, the consumer, can fight back when anything you’ve bought is less than what you’ve expected. The Consumerist post is vast and informative. There are lots of tips here–some are obvious (I remember doing a few of them on instinct during my iBook Adventureā„¢) and some are not (the one that teaches you “How To Get Your Problem Solved By Posting It To A Company’s Stock Forums” looks particularly intriguing).

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